Creation of a common information space of SAP systems

DTEK is the largest private energy company in Ukraine. DTEK Energy unites DTEK holding companies operating in the field of traditional energy. The portfolio of assets in coal mining, thermal energy and distribution includes: 31 mines and 13 coal preparation plants, 12 thermal power plants, 6 electricity distribution companies that serve 4.4 million customers.

DTEK implemented several projects: Planning, Budgeting and Modeling System (SAP BPC), the IFRS Consolidation Reporting System (SAP BPC), the Consolidated Management Reporting System and KPI (SAP BW / BO), the construction of a single settlement center (SSC) based on SAP HCM. We also participated in the ERP implementation project.


Qualitative project results:

  • A budgeting and consolidation methodology has been developed.

  • The entire budget cycle of a group of 67 companies is laid out and structured by separate processes.

  • The “Unified version of the truth” for planning and actual data for the whole group was achieved, transparency of budgeting from the level of departments and production units to the level of consolidated budgets of the company was achieved.

  • Synchronized actual accounting and budgeting in enterprises.

  • The process of collecting and consolidating reports has been optimized.

  • Implemented corporate data storage based on SAP BW.

  • Standardized reporting forms for all business areas.

  • The processes of organizational management, personnel administration, personnel accounting, compensation and benefits, payroll for all production enterprises of the company have been unified.

  • Implemented automated work-flow of the budget process.


Quantitative project results:

  •  The tracking changes in all divisions of the company are 70% faster.

  •  The collection of statuses due to their automation is 80% faster.

  •  55% reduction in labor costs for the consolidation process (at all levels).


DTEK's portfolio of projects received the SAP Value Awards in 2017. SAP Value Award is an annual award for clients from Russia and the CIS countries, awarded for those projects, the results of the implementation of which have a recognized and proven value.



Unified Integrated Information System and Automation of Settlement Processes

 Vodafone Ukraine is a Vodafone partner Group plc, one of the world's largest telecommunications companies, that operates in 26 countries and has partnership agreements with operators from 49 countries. The company provides a wide range of services, including data transfer through the latest technologies, messaging, mobile voice communications, fixed Internet and mobile television. Vodafone Ukraine serves 20.9 million subscribers in the country, and our team EigenMethod is the only one that was able to offer the best integrated solution for the client.

The company needed a unified integrated information system that would optimize the process of operational and strategic planning and modeling.

The project was very ambitious and complex. In the framework of the system of planning and management of enterprise resources (SAP ERP) the following business processes have been implemented and automated: investment project management on the basis of the modules IM "Investment Management" and PS "Project Management System"; cash flow management on the basis of TR-CM “Cash Management” and CFM-LP “Liquidity Planner” modules; budget execution control based on the FIFM module “Budget Management”; interface with the budget process automation system via the SAP BW “Data Warehouse” system; electronic document management of key business processes (DFS); materials management (MM); personnel management (HCM); automation of mutual settlements with telecom operators (SAP BW), business process support.


An important role is assigned to integrated planning (transfer of the OPEX budget to SAP, budgeting of CAPEX, purchases within the budget, cash flows). An unified integrated system for managing HR processes was also created . As an additional option, the integration of SAP with job search sites and personne was further developed.