KPI & Goal keeper is a product that will help you successfully and correctly manage the company's goals, ensure the strategy's implementation using individual employee KPI cards and evaluate the personal effectiveness of each employee. 

With KPI & Goal keeper, you can better control, analyze, and track your company's performance and set and achieve goals. 

Analyze, monitor, and track 

Analyze employee goals, KPIs, and individual performance in a dashboard. 

Visually track progress, problems, and change dynamics with dashboards. 

Monitor changes in the charts by month, quarter, half-year, and year. 

Track KPIs for specific employees and create individualized maps for them
  • organize Goals and KPIs in the format of individual employee KPI cards;
  • create monthly, quarterly, semi-annual, and annual individual employee KPI maps; 
  • calculate the final personal performance indicator of an employee in an individual KPI card for each period; 
Create KPIs and set specific goals to achieve them
  • set values for each KPI in individual KPI maps
  • consider planned and actual data on KPIs 
Create, edit, and track company goals
  • formalize and visualize the company's goals
  • link each goal to a specific KPI 

We developed the application using Microsoft's Power Platform tools, a line of integrated products designed for business analytics and business process automation.