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Business analytics

transforming the decision-making process


The emergence of Big Data, the Internet of Things (IoT), AI, and machine learning has made the role of business intelligence especially important. Up-to-date BI systems help you not to drown in ever-growing data volumes, increase business IQ, allow you to better plan, predict and improve the results of business activities, prevent or solve emerging problems in a timely manner.

«Companies using information technology and analytics systems for business are more productive — the number of security problems is reduced by an average of 30%, and the timing of the formation of up-to-date reports - by 97%»

- from the results of a Forrester studying on the effect of the introduction of SAP business analytics

Business analytics from EigenMethod

SAP Business Intelligence (BI) allows you to automate many business processes, more efficiently collect, analyze and process information in real-time mode. Also, the company's business analytics helps the management department to better navigate large arrays of heterogeneous data, identifying relevant and reliable ones - those that can be used in business development and making the most rational management decisions.

Basic components of business analytics:

  • Enterprise performance management: strategic management and business planning, cost analysis, consolidation, cost management;
  • Information search and presentation: fast report generation, detailed analysis, search and navigation in growing volumes of data, advanced analytics;
  • Risk reduction: control over the main business processes, organization of access, labor protection, etc;
  • Information management: data adding and managing (including metadata).

Business intelligence systems are easy to integrate with other SAP modules, such as "Financial Management" or "Management Accounting". This additionally expands its capabilities.

What do you get out of our solution?

We highlight four basic advantages of analytics for business:

  • Instant self-service access for ready-made BI solutions;
  • Increased responsiveness when accessing up-to-date information 24/7;
  • Making more rational and balanced decisions in business organization and more comprehensive planning;
  • IT and workload costs reduction.

The BI solution from EigenMethod includes requirements collection, analysis and management, technical design and data warehouses implementation, reports, dashboards, and data storefronts for Self-Service reporting development. Plus, business intelligence services provide IT specialists and users training.

SAP Business Intelligence from EigenMethod is a multi-level architecture with maximum flexibility of application. Our solutions allow you to collect and use data from various sources, including SAP ERP, CRM, XML documents, commercial information providers, and so on.

Start using BI analytics to qualitatively transform the decision-making process and make business processes more efficient today.


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