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Management by objectives and KPI

assistance in goals achievements

Are you willing to involve your team in the implementation of goals and strategies?

Increase the focus of your colleagues on achieving results?

Do you want your company to become manageable and controlled at all stages of the strategy implementation?


Automate the processes of implementing your strategy and company goals right now!


Our team of business consultants, methodologists, technical advisors will solve your issues in formalizing, visualizing and monitoring the implementation of strategic goals. We will offer you the most proper and innovative IT tool for automating the management processes according to Objectives and KPIs for your company and transfer the strategy implementation to the operational level using OKRs (Objectives and Key Results). 

How do we do this?

Our business consultants and methodologists will:

  • help you formulate or update your business strategy;

  • support within formulation and digitization of objectives at the company level;

  • will offer you the option of visualizing objectives in a balanced scorecard format (Balanced Scorecard, BSC); 

  • help to decompose the company objectives to the department and employees level;

  • formulate key performance indicators (KPIs) for you, using a functional, process and project approach, build an indicators tree  from company goals to employee KPIs;

  • develop processes and regulations for organizing a management system for Objectives and KPIs in your company;

  • help to involve your team in the strategy execution using the approach of setting and achieving objectives based on OKR (Objectives and Key Results);

  • support in the implementation of procedures for assessing the teams' effectiveness and processes for evaluating and monitoring the company's strategic goals.


Our IT specialists and developers will:

  • automate and visualize the Balanced Scorecard (BSC), and make it available from any device for your team in one click;

  • automate the team and individual KPI roadmaps of employees. All KPIs will be associated with the company strategic goals. Your employees will understand how they affect the company results overall;

  •  set up the necessary integration with your systems to automatically obtain factual data on the company goals and KPIs of departments and employees;

  • create automated processes to manage the strategy, goals and KPIs of employees and teams.



We have experts, a methodological base and modern IT-tools to build a Management system by goals and KPIs in your company.




We offer you a product of Eigenmethod - Strategic and Performance Management (Eigenmethod SPM) to ensure the company's strategy implementation.

What problems does the product Eigenmethod SPM solve?

Strategy at the global level:

  • is not visualized
  • has no prompt access
  • progress is not broadcast
  • employees are not informed
  • no process automation
  • no timely updating


Strategy at the tactical level:

  • is not decomposed
  • is not synchronized
  • initiatives are not related to strategy
  • recurrence of mistakes
  • unpredictable growth
  • no goal management process


Strategy at the operational level:

  • is not transferred to the operational level
  • employees are not involved in the strategy
  • activity is out of sync horizontally and vertically


On what platforms is it implemented, and what does it look like?




Cloud Platform SAP Analytics Cloud allows building company goal roadmaps (Balanced Scorecard, BSC), visualising team and individual KPI roadmaps of employees, and making its strategy available from any device.







Cloud Platform SAP SuccessFactors - Performance & Goals facilitates and automates creating, agreeing, monitoring and controlling the implementation of organizational and individual goals. It allows assessing the effectiveness and efficiency of employees. The Performance & Goals mobile version enables convenient managing individual and team goals.


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