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17 March 2023

In today's business, an essential factor is the use of modern technologies and software solutions and having a team of qualified and competent employees.

At Eigenmethod, we understand the importance of employee training and professional development as crucial factors for success in any field, particularly in IT companies where technologies are constantly changing at lightning speed. Employee upskilling and professional development are essential to ensure stability and competitiveness in the market.

One of the main aspects that influence Eigenmethod's successful development is ensuring our employees' appropriate level of knowledge. Our staff constantly learns and updates their skills and knowledge. We practice continuous learning and skills upgrading for our employees. Eigenmethod employee has a development and learning plan to enhance their qualifications and professional skills for the upcoming year.

The most critical area of consultants' development is SAP certification, which provides more profound knowledge in the chosen SAP area. Over the past year, 35% of our specialists successfully completed courses and received SAP certificates, demonstrating our employees' high motivation and interest in developing their careers and improving their skills.

Additionally, to strengthen their knowledge in their chosen SAP areas, every Eigenmethod consultant has access to the digital platform Learning Hub. This provides employees access to many professional learning resources, interactive tasks and tests, and real-time support and practice in using SAP.

In addition, over the past year, Eigenmethod has successfully implemented various employee training programmes, including external and internal training, workshops, and much more. Some of the company's specialists have mastered completely new business intelligence platforms, such as Tableau, which has also contributed to the company's development.

All of this allows us to remain among the leaders in the SAP market in Ukraine, provide quality services to our customers and increase the motivation of our employees, which in turn ensures their professional and personal development and a sense of satisfaction from their work.

We have ambitious plans for 2023, and we are working for the sake of victory!