"We are vaccinated! Are you?"

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9 August 2021

Eigenmethod team has completed vaccination against COVID-19!

Today passed the second round of vaccination against coronavirus in our office. The employees have received the second dose of the American-German vaccine produced by Comirnaty from Pfizer-BioNTech.

Today's event was no different from the first round: filling the required documents, issuing a vaccination memo to each staff member, medical examination and actually the immunization. It lasted 5-6 minutes. The procedure is absolutely painless, and the employees had no side effects.

We can confidently say that the spread of coronavirus at Eignemethod will be hardly feasible. Because we know that almost complete immunity from COVID-19 - around 90%-appears seven days after the second vaccine. Now our team has a "safety cushion" through the herd immunity from COVID-19.