Платежный календарь
1 year
DTEK Energo
Project goals

In October 2019, the Department's management for treasury operations of DTEK ENERGO LLC contacted the Eigenmethod specialists.

According to data from ERP, BPC, BW systems, they required to develop an analytical report with the formation of a real-time "Payment calendar" based on SAP Analytic Cloud.

Prerequisites for the project implementation: 

  • Reduction of labor intensity and optimization of the Company's business processes to reduce the cost of the financial function for Business.
  • Improving the efficiency of daily cash flow planning.
  • Automation of liquidity management and optimization of payment control.
  • Centralization of the treasury function.
  • Legislation changes in the energy industry in 2019.


Several ambitious goals were set for Eigenmethod as an integrator:

  • Increase transparency in making decisions on planned payments within daily, weekly and monthly planning.
  • Improve control over current payments and the algorithm for processing future payments.
  • Automate reporting on payment transactions with flexible analytics and the ability of results modelling.
  • Increase the efficiency of routine payment planning processes to reduce labor intensity and cost. 
Project description

To increase transparency in decision-making, we developed a mechanism for prioritizing planned payments when creating documents and periodically (on actual delay).

The basis for monthly cash flows planning was an application for the first level payment - preliminary allocation of funds (PAF), for weekly planning - an application for payment of the second level - allocation of funds (AF), for day planning - the final application for payment, the request for an advance payment (RAP).

We achieved an improvement of control over current payments due to the refinement of the existing payment management functionality, namely, the development of manual payments control (without Purchase Order / Invoice) and changes in the processing of PAF, AF, RAP, as well as the development of a super-budgetary RAP-based payment mechanism.

We automated reporting and analytics: 

  1. Developed a report "Payment Calendar" in ERP
  2. Developed a report on extra-budgetary payments in ERP
  3. Developed an analytical report "Payment Calendar" in SAC with the result simulation ability
  4. Implemented data loading into BPC / SAC
  5. Developed an analytical report "Flows by day" in SAC
  6. Developed an analytical report on direct flows in SAC
  7. Created PC Dashboards


An increase in the process efficiency for the user was facilitated by the development of the automatic creation of PAF for Invoice (refinement of multiple invoices selections, mass processing in the existing functionality), the development of a program for transferring unpaid RAP to the next week and the removal of unpaid RAP of the past month, the development of loading PAF, AF by income, development of the program for automatic AF creation, development of data entry forms in SAC.

Key factors of the project

In the process of implementing a payment planning project in SAP, Eigenmethod specialists set up algorithms and scripts for data processing, including:

  • Algorithm for processing daily, weekly and monthly planned payments per prioritization.
  • Automation of creation, loading, execution and control of cash flow payments.
  • Visualization of analytics for priority and extrabudgetary payments following the internal goals of the finance department.
  • Migration of cash flow planning data to SAP Analytics Could.
  • Formation of reporting "Cash flows by day" with the modelling possibility.


As a result of the project, the Department for treasury operations of DTEK ENERGO LLC got an advanced PC management functionality in SAP ERP and the ability to create analytical reports on PCs in real-time.

The Client notes in his review a high communication level, responsibility and reliability of Eigenmethod specialists. Due to this approach, we completed all work on the project on time.

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