We can provide a measurable result to our clients for expenses saving and gaining additional profit thanks to an impeccable reputation, tremendous appreciation of SAP Vendor, and proven efficiency of solutions.

Clients in 6 countries use our solutions

Representative offices in 3 countries

12 IT directions authorized by SAP Vendor.

6 SAP Recognized Expertise awards in 3 economic sectors and in 3 IT areas

12 official references from clients

26 implementation projects of SAP systems


13 SAP BI certified consultants

19 SAP ERP certified consultants

Mobile development

implementing the multichannel principles 


Thanks to mobile development you have the opportunity to make your business flexible and modern, to provide access to all corporate information systems from anywhere in the world, to provide your customers with innovative and convenient services. Eigenmethod develops corporate mobile applications for various platforms: iOS, Android and Windows Mobile. There is experience using SAP Mobile Platform and Forsyth mobile platform.

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