Consolidation and planning of management reporting
4 months
A holding
Project goals

The main goal of the project was to create a convenient repository of consolidated financial data, enabling operational analysis of the entire holding's activities. To accomplish this, the project required the organization of data collection, both actual and planned, as well as their aggregation and the generation of analytical reports.

One of the key business requirements for the project was to deliver easily accessible reports that could aid in evaluating the situation. Therefore, a specific objective was set to generate reports within a maximum time frame of 10 seconds.

Considering the dynamic nature of the market and the situation in the country, it was crucial to implement mechanisms that allowed business users to conveniently adjust and modify input forms and reports without the need for IT involvement.

Project description

A holding operates in diverse fields, resulting in each business area having its unique data model. However, the main company of holding requires a unified format for analyzing data across the entire holding. To achieve this, Eigenmethod consultants initially worked on standardizing the data model and its analytics for different business areas.

Data collection is facilitated through dynamic input forms that are tailored to each company based on their specific business requirements. This allows for flexibility in gathering information.

To empower business users in conducting various plan-fact analyses and scenario modelling, 80 plan versions have been created. Additionally, users have the ability to independently add new versions as needed.

A comprehensive set of flexible management reports has been developed to support analytical needs, including a report for reconciling intragroup turnovers. The performance and speed of these reports were carefully analyzed during development, and any potential speed-related issues were identified and proactively addressed.

To ensure transparency and consistency in the consolidation reporting process, a step-by-step business process was setup. This process includes a defined list of necessary steps, specific responsibilities, and deadlines. Even users who are not familiar with the system will find it convenient to use, as the system itself sends notifications to the corporate email about required actions and deadlines.

Key factors of the project

To implement the project, the cloud-based solution SAP Analytics Cloud, was chosen, enabling the execution of planning and analytics functions within a single interface. This allowed for the development and implementation of a comprehensive planning and analytics system with a modern and user-friendly interface in a relatively short timeframe.

Key achievements within the project include:

  1. Automation of the data collection and reconciliation process for the General Ledger, accompanied by tracking and automatic notification functionalities.
  2. Configuration of fast fixed reports with opening times of up to 5 seconds, as well as flexible analytical reports with opening times of up to 10 seconds.
  3. Significant reduction in report preparation time, providing easy and quick access to 80 different data versions.
  4. Retention of the ability to swiftly modify the structure of input forms, add new accounts and create new versions.

As a result of the project, the main company of holding now possesses a robust planning and analytics system that meets current requirements and can be flexibly utilized for future scaling and development purposes.

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